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Bird’s nest drinks with Chamomile 70ml jar

67,000 VNĐ / jar
/ jar
18 months

    From the anxient, daisy flower has been used by Egyptian, Greece, and Roman people as a home remedy. White daisy is mostly used in all of its types, among which Chamomile is found to contain medicine substances. The main health benefits of Chamomile is found namely:

    - Aiding cancer treatment: According to researches announced by 2013 in the U.S, Apigenin compound containing in Chamomile exerts its effect on cancer treatment and prevention of lung cancer. Scientists have shown that Apigenin compound is able to resist and suppress the increase of lung cancer cells. This benefit brings hopes to not only patients of lung cancer, but also joys to mankind in expectation of finding out treatment method of lung cancer.

    - Body’s heat relieving, toxin removal, nerve stabilization: The essence of Chamomile has light neuroleptic and cooling properties. Apart from reducing symtoms of stimulation in stomach, Chamomile is also used for heat relieving, toxin removing, liver cooling, eyesight improving.Daily using Chamomile bird’s nest drinks help dispel fatigue, reduce headache, dizziness and get sound and deep sleep

    - Diabetes treatment: Apart from reasonable and healthy diet, daily use of Chamomile bird’s nest is able to decrease blood sugar level and control the development of diabetes

    - Anti-inflamation and skincare: Researches have proven that, the activated Flavonoid component in Chamomile gives its perfect effectiveness of women’s skincare such as acnes treatment and anti-inflamation for sensitive skin, moisture-nourishing for dry skin, eye crease removal, or healing wounds due to insect bites, etc

     - Reduction of menstrual pain: Scientists say that, in the menstrual period, persons who regularly drink Chamomile bird’s nest drinks are less painful than the other ones since active substances in Chamomile help the decrease of pain spasm

    In combination of purified pharmaceutical components in Chamomile and precious nutrients in bird’s nest,  the experts of Song Yen have studied and launch the new product of Chamomile bird’s nest. With the motto of bringing best products to consumers, Song Yen has used Chamomile extracts meeting the standards of food safety imported directly from Europe and apply the modern and hermetically sealed retorting process to create products with precious active substances of Chamomile and nutrients of bird’s nest. It is possible to say, Chamomile bird’s nest drinks is the perfect combination of natural materials giving its sweety and fresh flavor when using.

    * Main ingredients: edible bird’s nest (13%), Chamomile extracts, rock sugar, water and food additives.

    * Instruction of use:

    - This product is suitable for anyone, especially for chidren above 01 year old and the elderly

    - Use up after opening lids, stir well before using

    - Drink directly from jars, use 1-2 jars/day.

    - Drinks tastes better when cold

    * Keep in cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight