Bird’s nest drinks with Collagen 70ml jar

61,000 VNĐ / jar
/ jar

    Nowadays, scientists have proven that collagen is the very important and indispensable factor in the process of generating amino acids on skin, bone, hair, cartilage and other muscles of the body. By that reason, collagen is always highly appreciated as a “magic drug” for women’s beauty and health by its useful effectiveness namely:

    - Making skin soft and fresh, anti-aging, removing creases

    - Preventing osteoarthropathy, strenghthening function of cartilage, making bone strong and flexible.

    - Nourishing silky and smooth hair and anti-trichorrhea

    - Softening and hardening finger nails, toe nails

    - Improving eyesight

    - Enhancing the body’s resistance power

    One of the most efficient way to make Collagen supplement for the body is food using. By that way, Song Yen has successfully produced Collagen bird’s nest drinks. Through advanced production technology and appropriate mixed proportion of ingredients, collagen bird’s nest drinks is the perfect product which combines effectiveness of healthy enhancement of bird’s nest and beauty making of collagen. It is possible to say that, this is the meaningful gift of Song Yen to women. For people who are irresolute to look for beauty-making products on skin, hair as well as healthy improvement, the Collagen bird’s nest drinks of Song Yen shall be a perfect choice.

    * Main ingredients: Bird’s nest (13%), fish collagen (12%), rock sugar, water and food additives

    Instruction of use:

    This product is suitable for anyone, especially for chidren above 01 year old and the elderly

    - Use up after opening lids, stir well before use

    - Drink directly from jars, use 1-2 jars/day.

    - Drinks tastes better when cold

    * Keep in cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight