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isomalt 2021
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Bird’s nest drinks with Isomalt sugar 6-jar box

327,000 VNĐ / box
/ box
18 months

    Song Yen Isomalt bird’s nest drinks is researched and produced to help dieters, obesity or diabetes patients possibly enjoy the flavorous and nutritional bird’s nest drinks without increasing calories and affecting blood sugar level.

    The remarkable feature of Isomalt is that it is not a kind of chemical but natural sugar processed totally from sugar beets having low calories of 2kcal per gram. The best advantage of Isomalt sugar is that, food produced by Isomalt has entirely low blood sugar level (GI=2). As a result, in case of using this Isomalt bird’s nest drinks, diabetes patients are at low risk of increasing blood sugar level. For obese person, this product also help reduce the risk of diabetes, fats in the blood and dangers in angiocardiopathy compared to normal sugar-contained food.

    With the above-mentioned proven effectiveness, Song Yen Isomalt bird’s nest drinks is not only the nutritional product used exclusively for specific objects but also ensure the healthy safety for all of consumers in current society.

    * Main ingredients: edible bird’s nest (13%), isomalt sugar, water and food additives.

    * Instruction of use:

    - This product is suitable for anyone, especially for chidren above 01 year old and the elderly

    - Use up after opening lids, stir well before use

    - Drink directly from jars, use 1-2 jars/day.

    - Drinks taste better when cold

    * Keep in cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight