Song Yen is a strong brand of bird’s nest with production of high-quality products welcomed and appreciated by consumers like Purity Bird’s Nest Drink, Bird’s Nest Drink with Ginseng, Bird’s Nest Drink with Chamomile, Bird’s Nest Porridge with Scallop, Bird’s Nest Porridge with Minced Pork, etc. Besides, Song Yen Brand is also a prestigious and reliable supplier of imperial bird’s nests.

Song Yen not only brings customers good products but also healthcare methods since it is believed that, human’s health is the origin of all good things. For getting success on work, harmony in social relationships, or a happy life, people need to own healthy bodies.

However, individuals living in different environments and circumstances will require various ways of healthcare. Being awareness of this matter, Song Yen always strives for seeking and dedicating best methods of healthcare to clients through our high-quality products.

How can we make it?

·         Spending more time to listen to our valued clients to learn about their queries/matters

·          Frequently making discussions with experts in purpose of getting best options of healthcare

·          Looking for reliable partners to purchase high-quality raw materials.

As a result, Song Yen, after 07 years in operation, has become a prestigious brand trusted by local and oversea consumers. At the present, the products of Song Yen have been distributed nationwide and oversea markets such as Taiwan, Myanmar, Laos, etc.