Company Policy

Policy stipulations of Hoang Nam International:

I. Guarantee Policy:

Production and distribution of products all of Hoang Nam International completely meet quality standards in accordance with regulations on food safety of Ministry of Health

II. Refund or Exchanges Policy

*Hoang Nam International accepts to exchange or return goods of customers in the following cases:

- Goods delivered isn’t right in types, models as ordered.

- Goods is deformed or broken during process of transport and delivery.

- Goods fails to meet quality standards due to manufacturer’s fault


- Please check and sign to acknowledge your purchased goods with delivery staff right after receiving  goods. In case any case as mentioned above is found, please directly contact with Delivery staff or give us your feedback within 24 hours via phone number: 028.7309.6939 or email:

- Procedures of goods exchange or return are handled within 07 days from the date of getting the buyer’s full information and vouchers.

*Hoang Nam International fails to accept exchanges or return of goods in the following cases:

- Goods is torn, scratched, deformed, broken or lack of packing due to buyer’s fault

- Purchased goods have been checked and sign to acknowledge but no feedback is given to us within 24 hours from time of delivery

- Goods for exchange or return is not sufficient enclosed receipts such as Bill, purchase invoice, etc

III. Privacy Policy

We hereto commit keeping your information private and secure. Please refer to the following Privacy Policy in order to learn more about our implemented commits in purpose of respecting and protecting visitors’ interest.

1- Purposes and Ranges of Information Collection

Information collected via website: help us handle the following matters:


- Support the Buyer in purchasing and ordering

- Advise and response the Buyer’s queries

- Update the latest news to the Buyer via the website:

2- Scope of information use:

- In some necessary cases, we are able to use personal information to contact directly with you by sending quotations, purchased orders, letter of congratulation, thank-you letter, or customer grateful promotion programs, etc.

3- Time of information archiving

- Except for cases of using personal information as stated in this policy, we undertake to keep your personal information private and secured.

- Your personal information shall be archived by our company from 01 month to 01 year since the date of your latest contact or kept as per your requirements.

4- Address of company of collecting and managing personal information

- Company name: Hoang Nam International Co, Ltd

- Address: No. 140 Street 14, Him Lam Residental Area, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

- Website:

- Email:

- Tel: 028.7309.6939

5- Means and ways for users to approach and correct your personal information:

- Customers are able to change personal information any time by contacting this phone number 08.3.979.8008 or email to

6- Commits on keeping secret for customers’ personal information

- When your personal information provided to us, it means that you have agreed to the above-mentioned terms and conditions. hereto commits keeping customer’s personal information private and secure in any case.